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Why Choosing Online Universities Can Make a Difference

Education has expanded its reach in the most innovative way possible, and this is through the existence of accredited online universities. While online education is not entirely new, it is an area that a lot of people walk on egg shells in the end. In order to help you decide on this, here are some of the reasons that will help you lean more on the side of online education.

Choosing to take your degree programs online is immensely more affordable compared to the traditional way of education, physically being there in schools. While tuition fees depend on the school offering the program you want or the exact program you plan to undergo, taking online courses is way cheaper than taking it in traditional schools. John Hopkins University offers program at $48,710 online while traditional school costs more than $65,000.

You can even choose to pay every course instead of paying the entire program. And this is one of the best reasons to choose accredited online universities in the end. The great thing is that scholarships are even available for online education so the more affordable tuition fee can also be decreased. And some schools, like MIT, offers course materials online for free.

Another reason why you should take your degree programs online is because it is the most comfortable learning avenue possible. You won’t need to be bound physically on a chair for hours on. With online classes, you have flexible schedule and so can accommodate work while taking online classes. Since all needed educational materials are provided online, easy access is possible at home and wherever you are. Students in online school won’t even need to physically go there since school can be accessed from anywhere.

When it come accredited online universities, everything is limitless! If you were limited to take only the courses available in universities near you, online education breaks through those limits. With online schools, all courses offered in all universities all over the world are accessible. Dreams of attending specific schools that seem impossible before is now extremely possible. Do you feel like you can’t enroll to specific programs? Not with online education!

Choosing to enroll to degree programs online can also help you support your own pace in learning. There are students who easily absorb information like a sponge but there are also those who need a little more time to understand everything. In a traditional academe setting, all students must follow the teaching pace of the processor. With online education, everyone can have his own pace in learning. Goals are met at the time perfect for the students enrolled. This is why studying online is perfect for part-time workers.

Online education is an excellent method that can be considered the improved version of the academic field. Online degrees are as authentic as the degrees you can get in a traditional setting of schools. And these are enough excellent benefits that can drive you to choose studying in online schools.

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    First of all I would like to thank your university for the study announced through online for the position degree/Eelectrical Electronic Engineering program
    I am an applicant who likes to study in your organization for the position I qualify. I am graduated from Nekemte poly Technique college Intermediate electronics & communication multimedia equipment service Level III January 2014 & Ambo poly Technique College Electrical/Electronic equipment servicing Management level IV September 2015. Currently I am working in the Gin chi TVET College Electronics on the position Trainer from October 2014- today. Now I have three year and ten months (3yr and 10 mnths) experience.
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    CV (Curriculum Vitae)
    Personal Information

    Sex MALE
    Date of Birth 04/11/1989 E.C
    Place of Birth ADULAN
    Nationality Ethiopian
    Religion protestant
    Mobile: 0922204754
    Junior school and S.S. School educational back ground
    Junior school: – I have been completed grades 1upto 8 at KaKe Adulan Elementary and Junior School from the years 193-2005 E.C.
    S.S. School: – I have been completed grades 9 and 10 at Biftu Nekemte S.S. School from the years 2004-2005 E.C.
    College Training: -I have been trained from the years 2010-2012 E.C at Nekemte poly level III & Ambo poly Technique College level IV graduate.
    Level- I Basic Electrical/Electronics Equipment Servicing
    Level –II Basic Electronics Communication and Multimedia Equipment Servicing
    Level -III Intermediate Electronics Communication and Multimedia Equipment Servicing
    Level- IV Electrical/Electronic Equipment Servicing Management

    Computer Skills and Courses
    Perform basic computer (Microsoft Office word, power point, access, excel…)
    Install software application for Service and Repair electronics maintenance
    Design circuit on PCB WEZARD, Math Lab & Multism …etc.

    Work experiences and additional trainings
    I had work experience three year and ten months (3yr and 10 mnths)in the position degree/Eelectrical Electronic Engineering program
    IT support service common course in Level certificate.

    Language Skills

    Afan oromo



    Reading Knowledge Based books
    Looking at New Technologies
    Appreciate and Initiated at creative works
    Searching with important internet sites

    Dr. DEREJE GIDUMA ————————0912369251
    Dr. FEKADU DORE—————————0902305975
    GIZAW GIDUMA——————————0931474524
    KENA FEKADU——————————–0965615065

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