Fondation Hoffman Scholarship: Free Exam Fees at University of the People

Fondation  Hoffmann is donating a generous amount of assistance for those interested applicants who want to study an online associate’s degree. This is for those interested students who can partially fund their studies. The host university which is the University of the People is a non-profit entity which is accredited by the United States Department of Education. University of the People (OuP) is the world’s first online university that has served students from 200 countries around the globe. The university has partnered with top universities and private businesses to give opportunities to qualified students to earn an accredited academic degree, training, materials and even employment following a graduation. The University of the People (Oup) aims at providing top notched degree to all students globally despite financial constraints and disadvantaged background.

Field of study includes Business Administration and Computer Science. Fondation  Hoffmann targets refugees and/or asylum seekers as well as degree-seeking students admitted to University of People(UoP). The online university charges a very minimal amount as processing fees for examinations and application. The student is charged a one-time $50 to cover the expenses of processing fee for application and reviewing of the application paper. UoPeople also charges $100 for the Application Processing per end-of-course examination. The fees are listed in the UoP catalog and on the official website. The Fondation Hoffman Scholarship as one of the scholarships offered in UoP will grant ten out of twenty exam processing for free towards the earning an online associate’s degree.

Submission of high school diploma and transcripts is a requirement. If it is impossible for an applicant to submit the required papers, certain considerations are applied. Reasons are considered including refugees status. All interested applicants must be 18 years old and above and are required to undergo the process of application to be considered for the admission in the program.

The admission is still on-going. Please take note of the application instructions below:

Interested students must first be admitted at the university through online application

Upon receiving the official notice of submission, he/ she is eligible to seek for a financial assistance from one of the many scholarships offered in the University of the People like  the Fondation Hoffman Scholarship.

Applicants with refugee and/or asylum seeking status must inform the office admissions at the start of the application process.

If classified as refugees and/or asylum seeker status, he/she is advised to apply for an Associate’s Degree In Computer Science And Business Administration which is sponsored by Fondation Hoffman Scholarship


Please visit the online university on their official website for more information about the programs and grants.

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  1. Please Help Me Further My Education, Without Help I Will Not Go To Colledge Fees Because Of The Financial Back Groud Of My Family.

  2. I am really looking for money to complete my diploma but my parents are still lacking the money! Please if there a chance i will use it sparingly!.

  3. Sir i want to get a scholarships for software engineering it is possible \’
    do you have any scholarship for software engineering

  4. I am MAMUSH ZELEKE from ETHIOPIA I hold LLB degree and I am looking for scholarship to further my studies
    hope i will be among those chosen ones.
    kind regard

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