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Imperial Business Analytics Scholarships: Up to $6744 Scholarship Value at Imperial College Business Online Course

Imperial College Business School is opening again another opportunity in the coming October 2018 intake of MSc Business Analytics (online). This student grant is also open to all international students who will meet the eligibility criteria. The Imperial College Business has received three awards from the three widely known big time accreditation associations in the business schools of the world. The school is one of the triple accredited schools of the globe which proves their superior advantage in molding business mindsets. This prestige business school was opened by Queen Elizabeth II herself in 2004 but the long history of the school can be traced back since 1955. From its humble beginnings, the Imperial College now holds the spot and is recognized worldwide as the leading research institution in business and management.

The MSc Business Analytics (online) inspires future business leaders by giving opportunities in developing full potential in business and management. This two-year part-time programme will give the learners the advantage of the fusion of business and technology and setting the right entrepreneurial mindset. The school believes in the power of language in the business. All of the courses of the school demand strong English skills so in order to thrive academically in the MSc and in business career; one must have the strong linguistic skills especially in English. Rigorous trainings are done but are tailored to individual needs of the learners. This focuses on the practical area of business analytics.

The student grant of up to $6744 is awarded to MScBusiness Analytics (online). This scholarship demands excellent student who possesses good academic merit, strong English language skills, driven to academic success, critical thinker, evident leadership skills, and commercial awareness and is able to articulate wide information in a straightforward manner. The new online education program of Imperial College Business School will give the learners a dynamic learning experience. The course will employ the latest online teaching tools that will make the learning experience flexible and more interactive. This online education opportunity is designed to suit the needs of the busy working professionals. The access to the Imperial Hub would support interactive online education with the dedicated and highly credible faculty and certified research centers.

Interested applicants may apply before June 30, 2018 to receive an offer for the scholarship that will start on October, 2018. Apply at an earliest time to increase chance of receiving an award.  This award is also offered to Imperial College London alumni. A 10% bursary will be offered for the qualified applicant.

Find out more about the MSc Business Analytics (online) via this link. Interested applicants must visit scholarship link for more information about the offer.

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  11. Hi, Iam Goodness from KwaZulu-Natal I have complete my high school education last year .I would be very excited to get a chance to study with a scholarship

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